Recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors (representing 1.2 million American real estate members) show that 87% of their members are “Failing” and in Canada, “90% of the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Transactions Are Completed By ONLY 10% of its members“!

That means that 90% of Realtors DON’T KNOW what they are doing!

Regardless of what North American city you look at, these numbers remain consistent.

So, why is it so difficult to earn a living in the North American real estate game?

A lack of understanding of “what professionalism in real estate means” and “how to succeed”, although simple concepts to grasp, are difficult to apply to your life“!

Let’s face it, the “three course” licensing programs for Realtors do NOT teach realtor recruits “how to be successful in real estate“.

There are no other educational requirements in the real estate industry!  Pass three courses and pass what are usually “open book” exam, and over night, you’re a Realtor!  Hair dresser, school teacher, bank manager, student, one day and Realtor the next!

Consumers count on their Realtor to help them “minimize the risk” in what usually amounts to making the single largest investment of their life!

To all you Realtors out there, with all due respect, not only do you owe it to yourself to become a professional, you owe it to your clients (“consumers”) who are trusting in you to “help them” . . .   to legitimately be able to “help them“!

So, why do people even use a Realtor?  That’s actually a very good question and based on the average skill-set level of most Realtors, it’s a difficult one to answer.

The main answer is usually because consumers aren’t comfortable fielding phone calls, setting appointments, showing properties, handling offers and sign-backs and making sure that all legal “conditions, amendments, waivers and things are included.

The successful Realtors (“only 10%” according to Canada’s largest, TREB – 40,000 member, real estate board) obviously know something that the other 90% chasing that remaining 10% of the business “just don’t get“!

As one of Toronto’s top producing Realtors, kicking off from a ‘cold start’ in 2000 and earning millions in commissions (everyone in Toronto and condo investors around the globe know ““) I can tell you, that my success came as a result of my having developed a concreteSuccess Plan“, shaped on Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and applied to being successful in real estate.

I executed my (concrete) Plan, consistently every day, while constantly increased my knowledge of my market, while publishing a unique industry blog for my target market (downtown Toronto condos) emphasizing my FREE services as a buyer’s agent.

I “executed my Success Plan” becoming one of Toronto’s top producing Realtors from a “cold start.  

I have since semi-retired from active real estate and I have chosen to transition my proven Success Plan into a self-help Course for Realtors, Sun Tzu and the Art of SUCCESS.

The “knowledge” that I share in this course (which includes unique, comprehensive ‘course material’ to serve as a Success Template), is “the education” that the 87% – 90% of Realtors across North America LACK!

This Course will work best for those Realtors who are legitimately committed to being successful in life and in their career.

I have tied this training program into the world’s oldest and most highly revered “success strategies”  .  .  .   Sun Tzu’s “Art Of War“.

The structure, unique to Sun Tzu’s teachings on success in warfare, gives you a working skeleton onto which I teach you to build your own custom designed Success Plan.

The goal is to lead Realtors and inspire them to truly become “professionals“, something that they are admittedly ill-equipped for today.  This observation is supported by the published “industry statistics” showing “87% – 90% Failure Rates in the real estate industry across North America“.

This course teaches Realtors how to develop, document, prioritize and most importantly, execute their own “custom Personal Success Plan“.

The course teaches how to custom-design your own Success Plan integrating your “existing qualifications, personal skill-set, industry and professional knowledge, goals and aspirations“.

“Ideas are a dime a dozen   .  .  .  .  the person who turns those ideas into reality is worth their weight in gold”!

I developed this easy to follow “Success Plan” for myself and then executed that Plan, constantly adapting and adjusting along the way.  You don’t want my success plan.  You want your own success plan!

This course gives you an actual “Success Plan template“, where you can log your personal  roadmap to success.

When I got my real estate license in 2000, I was 50 years old, and anything but in good financial shape.  Certainly retirement seemed beyond my grasp, and I was tired from scrambling all over the world as an entrepreneur all of my life!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast!  I walked along the Great Wall of China, lived the Hong Kong nightlife, gambled in Macau!   I’ve had more ups and downs than  a toilet seat in a one bathroom house with 2 sets of teenage mixed sex twins!

In approximately a decade I earned enough money to retire, having bought and paid for a number of income properties.

That’s given me the luxury of the time and finances to “Pay It Forward” by putting together this comprehensive “Success Training Podcast Series  . . . . . Sun Tzu and the Art of Success” try to turn around those shameful statistic of a 87% – 90% failure rate.

Let’s face it and be honest here  .  .  .  .  .  no-one ever “aspired to be a Realtor“.   The truth is that salespeople “end up” sales people and Realtors “end up” Realtors!

Success starts off and finishes with “knowing yourself honestly and intimately“.

Real estate schools teach this constant flow of new real estate course graduates from all/any background, willing to pay the fees to get a license and join a real estate board, what they need to know in order to “hold a real estate license“.

The industry has ongoing “educational requirements” that require licensee’s to sit through and/or click through industry update sessions, but again .  . . . . . no formal education on “how to be successful in real estate“.

I don’t have, nor does there exist, any kind of “magic bullet” or “easy road” to establish, turn around, or turn on, a successful career in real estate.

I do have a “proven Success Plan, strategy, and system” that I personally created and built into a Pod Cast Success Course for Realtors (and anyone looking to become successful), that I see as my  “crowning entrepreneurial masterpiece“!

My goal today is to help, at least that 90% of North American Realtors who today are failing, to learn how to become successful to the maximum level their abilities allow, and enable them to “earn a living by delivering professional services to consumers“.

After a successful career in real estate I am happy to “pay this forward” and I strongly believe in “Karma“.

Please, everyone reading this blog, if you are a Realtor or you aren’t but you know a Realtor, I would strongly recommend that you do them a favour and forward this blog on to them.

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