Justice Refused
For three years Charles has followed a corrupt Ontario Lawyer who, the evidence shows, has committed numerous crimes according to Statute 140 of the Criminal Code. This jaw-dropping ebook is not about this lawyer. It is all about what has proven itself to be, a totally dysfunctional Justice System including Justices, Crown Attorneys, Deputy Crown Attorneys and more unethical lawyers than Owners in this community, that has empowered this lawyer to get away with using the law and the dysfunction in our courts to reign as supreme dictator over everyone including the Mayor. This is an ebook that all Canadians MUST read if we are to save Canada from itself.

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Who is Charles: Since the beginning of Condoland … there’s been Charles. Over 20 years top pre construction condo sales professional, introduced Buyer Agency to Canada becoming Condoland’s top buyer’s agent for over another couple decades and #1 Condoland blog site for 2 decades, charles is publishing a tell-all history on Canada’s largest ever Ponzi Scheme.

Testimonials/Book Reviews: “Justice Refused changed my life, now I see the corruption in our justice system and cannot wait to take action! Thank you Charles.”