Canadians Are Facing A Devastating Future That Is About To Blindside Us And No-One Is Listening

If you think that this is the way any democracy is supposed to operate, then the correct spelling of our Canadian concept of governance actually must be seen in my upcoming ebook series title: “Canadian Democrazy“!

I’m publishing a pre-release sample with a reduced price of just $9.99 (see Page Right) to get things moving and to show you the seriousness of this issue and assure you that this message warrants your time, energy and resources as it’s a challenge far too great for a single retired old guy like me.

The facts show that if I can’t generate a sufficient number of conscientious Canadians to buy a copy (funds this “cause” to restore integrity into our Canadian democracy) and read it (become “informed“), and then simply “share” it’s message. Collectively we will take restoring Canada’s democracy, courts and consumer protection viral!

Anyone that supports this cause with $9.99 that does not feel that the real life messages in Justice Refused are not as important as I’m telling you, after having read it, I will gladly personally reimburse you. Yes, a “money back guarantee”.

I’m hoping that everyone that reads it accepts my invitation to pre-purchase the remaining three in the series, becoming a Founder of the resulting consumer protection agency that is formed.

The target budget to raise is One Million Dollars are with either 100,000 Canadians investing in Justice Refused we achieve this goal. If we get 25,000 Founders investing in all four books in this “must read” series we achieve the goal four times faster (and yes the money back guarantee still stands!).

Once again we’ll use the American model as our Canadian model of governance has copied theirs (to my dismay) for generations now. My previous blog touches on how Canadians used to laugh at Americans for their unique characteristics that were contrary to Canadian standards but somehow, mysteriously all of I’ve seen in my 72 years is Canadians copying everything American!

We’ve got to stop this, and stop it now as the black hole of self-destruction is clearly on America’s horizon and once you’ve read Justice Refused you’ll have to agree with my that Canada is right there behind them like lemmings approaching the cliff!

Justice Refused exposes five (5) totally false “Private Criminal Prosecutions” issued (by five different sitting Justices in an Ontario court of law), that even a first year law student (let alone an uneducated old guy like me) when reading the charging document, would catch on that the submitter of the statement they were being asked to accept as  “Sworn testimony” was false.

One false Private Criminal Prosecution, despite being one too many, could be accepted as an isolated case. But five (4 from the same person that holds a law license and 1 from on of their “Witnesses” appearing in one of those four false Private Criminal Prosecutions, clearly shows a pattern.

In yesterday’s blog I included the Ontario Criminal Law Statute 140 addressing a criminal offense of Public Mischief.

Now with over a dozen lawyers that I asked while attending various court Hearings over these unethical legal exploitations of published law (or more clearly stated “Perjury proving documents”) not knowing anything about them, it seems abundantly clear to the average Canadian, like me, that this lawyer is committing a number of serious crimes right out in the open with absolutely no apparent fear of getting caught.

I don’t know if you (my readers) have much familiarity with “Cons” but when you read Justice Refused you will know how to spot one and steps you can take to protect yourself.

Justice Refused shows us that our courts and all those highly educated lawyers, justices, administrators, etc. simply are ill-equipped to see one taking place right in front of them. Or, they just don’t care!

What is worse is that each time this lawyer broke the law, all the detailed evidence presented in hyperlinks in Justice Refused was delivered to each court official, the mayor (who allegedly was blackmailed by this same lawyer when she accused him of taking “kickbacks” – her words), Oakville Town Counsel, the media and most importantly the overseer of lawyers in Ontario: “Law Society of Upper Canada“.

Having grown up in the world of the uneducated, never having had a job, you can believe that I’ve had my fair share of exposure to cons. I cover this in Justice Refused as well.

All of Canada should sigh a major sigh of relief as a result of this ebook series being made available to them. It certainly will not appear anywhere else as these people use lawyers like thieves wear masks.

Canada’s entire condo industry is plagued with ridiculously similar egregious conduct, specifically because no-one knows and no-one in power to regulate cares to know the gaping deficiencies in governance that has resulted.

Canada’s condo market was shaped mostly by developers and sales professionals like me resulting in a Ponzi Scheme built on an unregulated futures exchange, that consumer have been led to believe is a heavy regulated condominium real estate market.

The reason that “Condoland” as I’ve named it decades ago has flourished so is because it is a unique Ponzi Scheme in which even the marks make money and it has just kept on perpetuating because people need a place to live in.

This can all be fixed but no-one wants to listen and they won’t until the whole thing comes to a grinding halt as it did in 1989 when the entire Canadian real estate market Crashed!

The truth is that it should have crashed again a couple years ago but our governments efforts at “Quantitative Easing” which in my layman’s lingo means “propping up interest rates” (thus the huge pre-pandemic deficits)!

I have no idea as to how long our government can continue to simply print money as we have been since Covid arrived but I don’t think that it’s the propping up of interest rates that is our biggest threat.

You see all those glittering high rise condo towers you see throughout Canada, ever since roughly the year 2000 have been built with glass “Window Walls” (floor to ceiling windows) which, if installed properly, manufacturers give twenty (20) year life expectancies in their documentation.

This ebook series “Canadian Democrazy” will show you that these towers’ glass exteriors are NOT installed correctly (Condoland is a non-regulated field that runs on “lowest bid contracts” with no requirements for unions trades).

So this 20 year warranted life span is approximately two years past the life span on condo towers built between 2000 and 2002. For more details search window wall here (page right at top) and you’ll find more articles explaining this.

The threat is that there isn’t a condo in Canada that includes a contingency fund for replacing them outside their standard Reserve Fund required under law.

How much do you figure it will cost to move out all the condo owners in all those buildings to replace all the glass?

Then how much do you figure it will cost to replace all that glass?

And who will be responsible for that payment?

That’s a question for lawyers I guess as the exterior of condos are the condo corporation’s responsibility (owners are responsible for the interior of their units basically).

And if the condo corporation is fortunate enough to have a large Reserve Fund (it will have to be huge because so is this restoration project).

Unfortunately most will not have the money in reserve as their conventional maintenance usually eats up those reserves.

The shocker comes when Special Assessments arrive at owners’ doors because despite it being the condo corporation’s financial burden, the condo corporation is in fact, the owners and all costs run downhill from their to the average everyday little people owners.

Disputes between condo corporation lawyers and insurer’s lawyer will drag on with many owners forced into bankruptcy or court for not paying their assessments.

And then the burden will shift onto Canada Mortgage and Housing on all those subsidized mortgages they have issues, and well . . . they are us the tax payers and therein lays to rub!

I don’t profess to be an accountant or risk manager but I can tell you that there is abundant risk sitting on Canada’s condominium housing world and one day soon we will see the start of all this glass failing.

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