Charles Hanes, Toronto Buyer's Agent

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

You’re driving around downtown Toronto, or surfing the net, or reading one of those ad rag free real estate magazines, when you see an incredible home for sale. Eager to check it out, you call the real estate agent advertising the property   .   .   .  .  .  .  STOP RIGHT THERE!

The real estate agent that listed that property is working for the Seller. Whenever real estate agents list a property, they pledge confidentiality and loyalty to the Seller.  Although they are ethically (and legally) bound to “answer your questions honestly” (but you’ve got to know what questions to ask!) and to deal “fairly” (there’s a lot of “wiggle room” here) with you, they are legally obligated to protect ONLY the best interests of their client . . the Seller   .   .   . not yours!

Even if they don’t advertise the fact, most real estate agents work for Sellers (either directly or as “co-operating brokers“); representing ONLY the seller’s interest, not yours; and therefore negotiating real estate sales with advantageous terms for Sellers.   If you want to buy real estate in Toronto, how can you be sure your real estate agent is acting with your best interests in mind? Let me introduce myself to you and explain “Buyer Agency”…

Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent

100% Allegiance to YOU
FREE Personalied Service
No Potential for 'Conflict of Interest'
Searches Tailored to You
Candid/Objective Property Evaluations & Assessment
Buyer Negotiation
Highest Quality Service

My Service

I am a skilled negotiator and thoroughly knowledgeable about the Toronto and Oakville luxury homes and condos markets, and I keep you informed by walking you through the entire buying process, step by step.

I save time for you, by previewing and pre-screening all homes meeting your criteria, and not just automatically sending you all of the listings that, to the computer, appear to meet your criteria. With so many troubled condo buildings in Toronto you’ve got to know which are the “good”, the “bad” and the downright “ugly”!  After almost 40 years of in-the-street “hands-on” experience in downtown Toronto condos, I can assure you that I know them all!

I do all your legwork, searching listings and networking with owners of unlisted units and other brokers; researching a property’s history, sharing “comps” of potentially qualifying units, exploring the surrounding neighborhood; and inspecting related issues that may affect your purchase.

If you are investing in a home, or a real estate investment in Toronto, Oakville or surrounding area, I will help you find the “right” property, and negotiate the best price, terms and conditions for you.

My unique Real Estate expertise

The nature of this business dictates that I constantly be in the market, (which I’ve done now for almost four decades) watching for those “true value deals”.  So when you tell me what you are looking for, I have the best resources and advanced technology to make sure that you will be one step ahead of the market when looking for that special residence.

I pride myself for being intimately familiar with all of Toronto’s and Oakville’s  high end homes neighbourhoods, and since I spend my days previewing and reviewing new property listings, home price reductions, and Toronto/GTA real estate news, I can guarantee you that I will lead you to only the right properties for you.

Let’s face it, you are making one of the largest and most important investments of your life! Be sure to optimize your investment by using my FREE buyer’s agent services.