If Ever There Is To Be An Honest Effort To Fix Condoland It Has Got To Start Here

I’ve been blogging quite a bit over the past year or so about the unfettered exploitation of consumers (otherwise known as sale of a home) in the quaint village of Bronte.

Talk about a premeditated plan to “rip off” (street name for “exploit“), unsuspecting consumers who have been misled to believe that there is some level of protection for them here in Ontario’s “Condoland”.

This unique collection of homes offers a unique alternative to home ownership.   Them homes are “Freehold” while the roadway, communications and electrical infrastructure, street lights, curbs and road are legally in the realm of “condominium“, or to be more correct, “common element condominium” (the common elements are those which are listed).

The common elements are “tied to the freehold lands” and its known as a POTL (“portion of tied lands“).  The newly formed not-for-profit corporation becomes a legal entity in and of itself, a corporation with 18 shareholders.

The thing I like most about condominiums (or I should say the concept of them) is that there are “Rules” that accompany the purchase into one.

Buyers are given the Disclosure Documents (Disclosure Statement, Declaration, Rules, Budget, etc.) and sign a legal “Acknowledgement of having read, understood and agreed to live by“.

The reason that I value the concept of condominium living (a concept that has simply missed the mark in Condoland) is in fact the various “Rules“.  Today, you really don’t have much choice as Municipal Governments enjoy “risk free/cost free” residential taxation base expansion through this “POTL Concept” of residential expansion.

The Municipal Government enjoys net net positive cashflow without investing in the infrastructure and/or ongoing maintenance requirements of development.  They simply form a POTL that manages and operates the corporation that is required under law to maintain the corporate assets (which is the road and utilities mainly).

The purchase of a home in unlike any other purchase any of us ever makes.

The “Emotions” involved surrounding that special concept of “our home, our castle, our sanctuary” are significantly greater than buying or investing in anything else.

And in Condoland, like “kids in a candy store left unsupervised” the “builders in Condoland” have been left to their own standards of integrity to figure out how to conduct themselves.

In this one Oakville site we really have two builders, Sunrise Homes and Nascent, who I have been told are “cousins” although I have no DNA to support the allegation.  They are however proving to be birds of a feather.

To gain a thorough understanding of the depth and consistency of “rip-off” underpinning this one collection of just 18 homes simply search “Oakville” on simplycharles.com and you will be able to walk through the total insult that is called residential development under the stuart ship of these two companies.

Here is a sample of each company’s web site:


I published for years and years now, setting out the totally one sided and upside down system by which our governments have allowed the residential construction industry to be managed.

These two companies have been good enough (unconsciously I must point out – really just doing what they do) to give all my global readers this “real life” experiment that I undertook in 2014.

The experiment was to document a real life case study of the entire process of buying a home in Ontario.


In my upcoming blogs I will publish real-life buyer reviews on both of these companies to show you just how closely they align with their false representations set out on their home pages.

And, to top it all off, after the owners inherited a two year old condo corporation that defiantly flaunted the law by keeping absolutely no books or financial records, failing to comply with the law and having “audited financial records” annually, no fiscal management or collection of common element fees, Nascent Developments have handed the “ultimate insult” to all buyers in the collection of homes, by refusing to honour their contractually obligated “common element fees for the time period that they were the legal owners.

Nascent walked away with millions of dollars while refusing to honour “chump change fees” to the condo corporation as clearly set out in the Condominium Act.  And worse yet!  When the board of directors notified them of there existing debt only to have Nascent’s directors and having Nascent please to take six to seven weeks to allegedly “study the figures” presented by the board, were actually “running out the clock” to use the delay to allow them time to Close their last deal (and run away with their money) while all the while promising the board that they “honour their obligations“.

So, let’s move on and cover the fundamentals of this sad but truthful real life tale.

I was spending my winter in our Florida home and was becoming frustrated in my efforts to find a quality real estate investment.

I always experience anxiety when I have cash sitting around and when you deal in million dollar properties and you sell one or two, you end up with cash which is very burdensome to just allow sit around.

Banks only protect a few hundred thousand dollars ($100k in my name, $100k in my wife’s name and $100k in both names) so it takes a lot of work and running around just to have it sit around and it seldom pays much in the way of interest so it costs lots to not have it invested and working for you.

I was becoming less “risk averse” as options continued to dwindle.  I looked in South America and Central America and almost decided on Mexico but my wife could not get comfortable with off-shore investing so we readjusted my sites on Canada and the U.S.

Having given up on living amongst Americans (Republicans especially) I looked into buying commercial buildings on main streets of small towns in Ontario but income streams seemed too conservative and investing in real estate to live in has always been at the core of my investing strategy.

I had found some interesting architectural plans in a decent area of London Ontario, and was almost ready to pounce but my wife (she’s also been my business partner since day one, who actually played a critical roll in my success in life) was not comfortable with it so on Christmas eve 2014 I notified the builder that I was pulling out of my purchase of two of his million dollar homes (“Merry Christmas“).

I turned back to the Internet and came across this collection of upscale ($1 Million +) 3,000 square foot “to-be-built” homes Bronte Harbourview being offered by Sunrise Homes.

My wife is a researcher and detail person which is the absolute antithesis of my skill set.  If you’ve got something to negotiate you call on me but if you’ve got detail issues you’d want to talk with my wife.

You might think it cavalier and it is certainly not something I recommend for the faint of heart, but I chose to buy one house (I would have bought 2 but they lied to me and told me they only had one left) right off the Internet.

It was Listed with a reputable Realtor whom I contacted and immediately got the read that something was amiss when they promised to get back to me right away and then went silent.  After chasing the Realtor around for the best part of the day and not getting any answers we simply end-ran the Realtor and went directly to the source (good that we did as the builder told us that the homes hadn’t been listed with that Realtor for months).

Bottom line (if you want to know the full story either search “Oakville” on www.simplycharles.com or wait for my upcoming published Case Study on POTLs coming this fall) I bought the home sight unseen and waited until Spring to even walk the site.

So I want you to now go back up top and read the propaganda pages of the two builders that I am going to deal with for the next few weeks.  Their egregious conduct cannot be allowed to go unnoticed as they both really have proven to be the “Poster Children” of “Everything That Is Wrong In Condoland“.

The sad part of this sequence of blogs is that these builders, having walked away with tens of millions of dollars from people who trusted them (and the Government to protect them) and in the end, to the consumer each one has been exploited, insulted and abused at the hands of people who have done it to them knowingly and pre meditatively.

So, Sunrise proves incompetent to sell their inventory of homes and calls in a cousin “Nascent Developments” (or cousin company  . . . . .  it all depends on which way the winds are blowing at any given time) that buys six of the Lots and calls their “development within a development” Harbour Six.

I wrote about them when they originally appeared while I was fighting my way through getting anything resembling a quality residence with Sunrise Homes, who’s key player Muzammil Kodwavi had consistently proven totally untrustworthy to the point that he changed the entire house that we purchased from him and consciously withheld disclosure of having changed the entire plan.

Worse yet, he had his administrator perpetuate the lie by trying to set out the electrical site plan having my wife use the “old plan” which she tried to juxtapose each location on the new (“undisclosed“) plan.

The irony is that had he just been honest with us, we would have purchased the next plan bigger that was actually supposed to go on the Lot he had lied about being a “premier lot” (and charging me $50k more for).

Don’t “cry for me Argentina” as I took out the big knife and tore into him in the manner by which I had forwarded him when I originally spoke with him.

I will be publishing my correspondence with him throughout our relationship and I can assure you that proves the “must read” component of this Case Study.

This is no academic expertise being preached by people with no real intellectual connection to the issue.

This Case Study is designed to set out each and every detail of everything that is wrong with Condoland.

Our Governments (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) have totally missed the mark!  They offer absolutely “NO PROTECTION TO CONSUMERS”).  They all make tons of money from the exploitation of these consumers but can show absolutely no effort to do what they exits to do which is to “protect consumers”.

I’ve taken this to Ms. MacCharles of the Ontario Government but receive only a brush off letter in reply.  There is the very real appearance that the Governments in fact DO NOT WANT TO FIX this very broken system, after all Condoland is the single largest employer in the stats that tell us all our Province is doing well.

The most disturbing conclusion of this comprehensive Study into Condoland is that the consumer exploitation does not end with the purchase, nor does it end with the building of the condo, nor does it end with the “Registration of the Condo”, nor does it end with the “Turn Over” of the Condo, nor does it end with the ongoing management of the condo!

Condo consumers are screwed for life, but thank only to the “Dirty Little Secret” of Condoland (that these exploited consumers can sell their units for a profit to other unsuspecting consumers) they can make money at it so they keep on investing.

It doesn’t seem to matter to our governments who have been adequately warned by not only me on simplycharles.com, simplycondos.com or simplymansions.com but also by leading “Building Science” PROFESSORS, whom for decades have been publishing dire warnings about the seriously flawed “Building Science” being utilized in Condoland for the past decade and a half!

What this serious of blogs will deal with is the flagrant exploitation of consumers in a real life million dollar plus purchase.

Stay tuned.

The above referenced web site home pages will take on significant meaning once you’ve heard from each of Nascent’s and Sunrise’s actual buyers in this collection of homes.






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